Blue GhostCard Exchange Signups!

Finally! Blue ghostcard exchange signups are live!

Details: send and receive a handful of postcards to your assigned group of penpals with the message (not the address!) written with blue ghost ink. Some of them may end up being outside the U.S.A., just a heads up! (Lots of awesome penpals are international!) I will keep the signups open for a week or two, but this time I may stagger the groups as people sign up! 

Signup here! eta: signups are closed!

If you want to participate but don't have Blue Ghost Ink, have no fear! I have some kits available that come with Hero 616 pen, 5ML of Blue Ghost Ink, a UV marker/flashlight and a few blue ghost stickers - available for ten bucks plus shipping or 2 sets for $18! 

Holler if you have questions!