Amanda is not a professional anything, but is unofficially many things: a painter, a writer, a doodler, a hand-letterer, a fountain pen user, a maker-upper, a vintage postage collector and user, a penpal, a lover of all things mint colored, a stamp-carver, and a lifelong snail mail enthusiast. She is self-proclaimed stationery nerd (see also: paper hoarder), who owns more typewriters than is necessary for one human, more paper than she could possibly use in approximately 12 lifetimes, and can't stop/won't stop. 

Likes: coffee (black), craft beer, Seinfeld, making lists, October, love letters, having tattoos, swearing, Colorado, and singing along to the radio always.

Dislikes: mornings, dress codes, grouchy postal workers, getting tattoos, the Allman Brothers, and pecans (even when they have been sacrificed for pie).

The Scoop

She opened her first stationery shop in 2007 (presents for pirates) and has had an on again/off again relationship with it due to life, work, babies, lack of extra hours in each day.

It started with an ingrained love of all things office supply and escalated quick-like. Born to two makers and do-it-yourselfers, she comes by the madness of it honest. Mostly self-taught, Amanda is a big fan of trial and error and getting her hands dirty in the process.

For custom work requests, please contact Amanda at or come find her on instagram as @letterletter.